New Schools

The International school landscape is changing fast.

Established schools are expanding to new horizons and new investors are entering the sector, drawn by the desire to leave a legacy whilst enjoying favourable returns.

Within the UAE alone, the forecast is that a further 175 schools will be required across Abu Dhabi and Dubai by 2020 to meet the expanding student population.

And yet, not all will succeed.

The Spark Education team supports investors, developers and owners to make the right decisions, working within the often complex licensing structures, to deliver a successful school.

Our operations capability includes:

  • Conducting feasibility studies to determine the optimal school model
  • Developing the school model, business plan and operational budgets
  • Supporting the site search and the development of the building design
  • Developing the Academic Plan
  • Supporting the licensing application
  • Creating the strategic plan, Mission, Vision, Goals and Values
  • Designing curricula and gaining accreditation
  • Designing the organisational structure and recruiting the teachers and leaders
  • Developing the Marketing and Enrolments plan to attract applications and process registrations
  • Establishing a staff appraisal system and professional development plans
  • Developing the on-boarding plan to ensure that all staff are successfully integrated into the school