Marketing and Enrollment

Our consultants have worked across  multiple categories and industries and draw on international best practice to deliver a marketing strategy and plans that achieve our client’s targets. Working within a wide range of budgets we tailor investment plans to deliver results.

Most projects start with a review or development of the school’s Mission, Vision and Values and USPs versus the competition.  In an ever-changing landscape, we believe that it is vital to any school’s success to get these foundations right and align them across the organisation before we start communicating with parents.

We then develop the campaign’s identity, website and collateral working alongside existing teams, where they exist, to transfer knowledge and skills wherever possible.

Our hands-on approach continues once the campaign is live.  We hold regular review meetings to understand what is working and make any changes needed to generate interest in the school.

The Admissions Team is crucial to any new school’s success.  We ensure that they are well-trained and equipped to answer the many questions that parents have in making the right choice for their children.  We draw on the hospitality industry in terms of both presentation and attention to detail, often including a tour of hotels conducted by the hotel GM or sales team, within our training sessions.

We can advise on the technology required to support a school opening and have developed our own start-up system which tracks the admissions process until the school management system is fully in place.